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.....Let the fun begin.....

Better than you.....
If you want to play Better than you here's how it goes--->
I put a score in for a game and you have to beat it
Faerie Bubbles

If you want to play Scramble look below and unscramble the letters to reveal a sentence used on Neopets.
eaputd - woN het lelw llwi vgei tou srzpei rufo stmei iadly aneidts fo otw!
Know the answer neomail me!

Wishing well--->
Enter your wish into the message board or neomial me it and who knows it may come true....I only grant wishes to people who are active.

1np Auctions--->
Coming our way is 1np auctions so you have to get in there quickly and bid for them!! Keep checking in my auctions otherwise you might miss out!

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