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Feed the Pekkle

.....Feed our guild Pekkle.....

Pekkle is hungry and he wants lots to eat, this duck isn't ordinary though he wants lots of unusual food,,, this game wins you tickets just like guild jobs and donating. All you have to do is look down the list and decide which food you are going to buy the Pekkle.....
You will get tickets according to how much you have paid for each food, if you want that food reserving so only you can buy it, let me know, i will only reserve it however for a maximum of 2 days.


Pekkle wants......Chocolate things

1 ticket.....

  • white chocolate korbat
  • chocolate coated peanut butter
  • milk chocolate usul
  • chocolate orange doughnut
  • milk chocolate snowbunny

2 tickets.....

  • choco-strawberry muffin
  • milk chocolate kyrii
  • white chocolate techo cookie
  • Chokato crisps
  • white chocolate kacheek

3 tickets.....

  • Chocolate chis truffle
  • chocolate caoated lolly
  • Choco-strawberry techo cookie
  • Faerie fondant
  • vanilla tuskaninny cookie

5 tickets.....

  • Chocolate poogle lolly
  • Chocolate meepit

This is one of the best ways to earn your tickets

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