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Guild Jobs

.....Get a job score and earn a bit of dosh!!!..... 

You look here choose a job you want to do and earn the dosh.....
Job 1# - - - chocolate milk
                    Pay: 300NP
Job 2# - - - Ultimate Burger
                    Pay: 400NP
Job 3# - - - Beefy Broccoli
                    Pay: 250NP
Job 4# - - - Sausages
                    Pay: 200NP
Job 5# - - - Tomato omelette
                    Pay: 350NP
Job 6# - - - Yellow play pen
                    Pay: 700NP

Jobs with pay under 200NP are equal to 1 ticket
Jobs with pay between 201NP and 400NP are equal to 2 tickets
Jobs with pay over 400NP are worth 3 tickets

You can reserve jobs for 2 days if you feel the need.
Once you have bought these items put them into your trading post and mail me to tell me then i will come and give you your pay. Thank You.


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